How our training is structured

Our Bronze, Silver and Orange courses are designed to provide the skills for all riders to be the best they can. The levels refer not to an individual’s experience or riding ability, but to a training program that provides the foundations upon which the next level can be built. They integrate with each other so that our Orange course builds on the Silver program, which in turn builds on what was taught in the Bronze course.

We look at each rider as an individual and tailor our instruction accordingly. We understand that there will be differences in the abilities of riders on a course – some will be new to offroad, others will have attended every course going. But thanks to Sweet Lamb’s extensive terrain and the experience of our ACU qualified instructors, the team can apply the principles of each course in different locations and trails – novices can tackle easier tracks while riders that have more experience can take on tougher tests. The principles are the same, but the practice is on areas of Sweet Lamb that suit a rider’s abilities. This ensures that each course is safe, but also fun and challenging for every rider.

When you get to Silver or Orange level we know that we can apply what you’ve learned at Bronze level. We can’t fast-track you into higher levels because you will miss fundamental points that we incorporate into our earlier courses. Bronze does not mean basic, it means the beginning of your riding with us. You’ll have a great time on the Bronze course, learn lots and be ready to sign up to Silver – after a long bath and a few beers…

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you at Sweet Lamb KTM Adventure Bike Experience soon.


Course 1


  • 2 Day Course: £530.00

2 trained instructors to each group. Includes use of a KTM Adventure bike. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

  • Bike Familiarity
  • Balance (Cone work)
  • Lifting Bike from Ground
  • Starting Away
  • Feet Up / Pull Aways
  • Correct Head & Position
  • Correct Stance
  • Gravel Road
  • Brake/Throttle/Clutch Control
  • Read Trails (Trail Ride)

Course 2


  • 2 Day Course: £530.00

2 trained instructors to each group. Includes use of a KTM Adventure bike. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

  • Downhills
  • Ascents
  • Hill Recovery
  • Back Brake Skills
  • Loading Pegs
  • Ruts
  • River Crossings & Recovery
  • Preload - Stage 1
  • Gravel Tracks
  • Vanishing Point
  • Power Turns - Stage 1

Course 3


  • 2 Day Course: £530.00

2 trained instructors to each group. Includes use of a KTM Adventure bike. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

  • Power Slides - Stage 2
  • Brake Turns
  • Front Brake Technique
  • Aggressive Hills
  • River Crossings
  • Jumps
  • Loading Suspension
  • Preload - Stage 2
  • Rock Gullies
  • Steep Drop-offs
  • Steep Uphills
  • Berm Riding

Course 4


  • 2 Day's Riding: £Price on Application

Take the skills you have learnt, and learn when best to put them into practice

  • We can help you move on to competition riding at all levels
  • How to ride at speed and master a rally pace
  • When to use brake turns and power slides
  • Why and when would you load your suspension
  • Why and when would you choose to jump over an obstacle
  • How to master riding in ruts
  • How and When to ride the berm of corner
  • Choosing the correct lines best suited to your new riding style
  • Adventure riding skills to conserve energy

Trail Riding

  • 2 Day's Riding: £Price on Application

With our trail ride events you can use your own bike or you have the opportunity to hire either a KTM 790 Adventure R or 1290 Super Adventure R.

Our Location...

Home to the Wales Rally GB for many years and before that the Lombard RAC Rally, Sweet Lamb Rally Complex is located in the picturesque county of Powys Mid Wales.

Sweet Lamb KTM Adventure Bike Experience
  • Glanrhyd
  • Pantmawr
  • Llanidloes
  • Powys
  • SY18 6SY
  • UK

Please Note: Your SATNAV may take you to the turning before the one you want. Please turn into the Farm Yard and follow the track for 2 miles.

How to find us at Sweet Lamb