I did have a great weekend and felt that I'd learned loads, please pass on my thanks to Moly and the rest of the team. When I take to off-roading in a more committed sense (such as actually having a dirt-capable bike) I may well come back for some more expert teaching and support. Until then, happy trails!


And thanks again to you and the rest of the team for the support over the weekend. It was a lot of fun. And the difference in my confidence on the bike between the beginning of the first day and the end of the second was incredible. Hopefully, I'll be back for Silver.

Andy Lees

Got out on my bike and found it so much easier to handle now that I’ve ridden a larger bike, your tips really helped me thank you so much for persevering with me over the weekend.

Claire Mondragon

Had a fantastic time and picked up some excellent advice and guidance from the instructors - would really recommend doing the bronze course - great place, location , instruction and ...the KTM 790 Adventure R was superb!

An amazing weekend in fantastic scenery and great trails on the best bikes with outstanding instructors who really want you to learn and know how to help you progress and gain confidence in leaps and bounds. Best bike course I've ever done.

Indeed... WHAT a weekend!!!... A huge thank you to Mark, Pat, Ben and Lee for just the right amount of tuition (and encouragement) oh and John for the photos!.. Felt like i went from zero to hero in the 2 days 😁.... Will be back!!

Two of the best days biking that I have ever had. As a novice to off road biking I can't recommend this place enough. Great instructors, fabulous scenery, facilities and location are brilliant... If you get the chance try it, you won't be disappointed.

Engaging Active Brilliant Campus wrapped up with Personal Attention with Great Humour and Most Important well executed encouragement! Well done Moly Pat Ben and Slim... only joking!

A utterly super time, the place is so enjoyable to ride in and the training by Molly and the crew was superb... I enjoyed it so much I booked again for June :D

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